The ABCs of Product Management

An inside look at Product Management. For children and junior PMs.

A is for A/B Testing

What if a bunch of PMs from the top tech companies got together and wrote a children’s book making fun of themselves? It probably would take forever to write and never ship because there would be no one to do any work (Engineers). Here is an inside look anyways.

For PMs. Parents. Children.

Children and parents alike will love following Product Manager Panther as she navigates the world of Product Management. The colorful illustrations, playful tone, and hilarious cast of characters will keep the whole family engaged from start to finish!

Meet your Product Team

How do you convince Engineer Elephant to work late? Keep Vice President Viper at bay, while keeping Customer Cheetah happy? Easy – Peanuts for Engineer Elephant, fill out the poll for VP Viper, and Cheetos for Customer Cheetah! Learn about the whole gang!

Whats inside

Over 40 years of useless meetings, pointless features, and some cool products all wrapped up in one book!

Learn the inside secrets on how to get things done!
Give the gift of persistence!
27 full color pages of illustrations featuring the full product team!
Walk the life of a Product Manager, from dropping out of Stanford, to doing Yoga.

Inside jokes and references for parents / Product Managers. Cute and funny animals for kids and babies.

Start writing your spec today

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Is this an actual book?

Yes. Check it out on Amazon!

Will my child enjoy this book?

Depends… is your child cool? JK! Yes! Kids and parents alike will love it. Kids love the cute animals and the funny situations they get into. Parents love the inside jokes.

Is this content kid-safe?

Of course! We’re parents as well. We focus on creating funny and educational content for parents and kids.

Will my child become a successful Product Manager as a result of this book?

Yes. Of course! Starting early is the key. She/he will learn about important concepts such as bargaining and bartering to get what she/he wants. Also she will learn the importance of dropping out of school.

Will you guarantee my child a job in Product Management!?

Yes. Sure. Why not. Please reach out once your child has already been a PM for 5 years.

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About Us

We love our jobs, and we love making children (and adults!) laugh – so we figured why not combine the two?

Varun Bhartia

has been a PM at Microsoft, Facebook, and Uber. He took his years of PM experience and synthized the most important parts into a children’s book for all ages. Varun is the founder of Hack Hive, a platform that helps developers show what they’ve created. He enjoys making terrible jokes and creating websites, like this one ;). He completed his MBA at Harvard, but learned the most by building products used by lots of people, and writing satire children’s books.

Raamin Mostaghimi

is a management consultant, lover of dad jokes, and new father. He has an MBA from Harvard and Bachelors from Johns Hopkins. Hes been having some trouble explaining his job to his newborn daughter in terms she understands, and is really hoping this helps get the message across!

Amit Saraf

has had many challenging jobs, including as an Product Manager, a techie, and the toughest of all, as a father of 5 year old twins. He has tried to explain his professional work many times to his wife and kids, but they generally did not understand nor seem to care much. So when he saw the first draft of the ABCs of Consulting, which was easy to understand and interesting, he had renewed hope! He completed an MBA from Kellogg, where he could have really used these books for guidance.

A special Thank You to all the PMs who reviewed drafts of this book. Insert how many PMs does it take… joke here 😉

Got an Idea?

Were always working on new stuff! How can we make this book better? What did you like about it? We love to hear from our customers!